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Michael Craig Martin is an illustrator renown for his work with text. Michael Craig Martin was born in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1941.

Martin received his collegiate education at Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Martin is a prolific printmaker.

The artist has also taught at the collegiate level at Goldsmith’s College located in London, England.

In this clip from the Tate Museum of London, England a brief interview with the artist:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $80,000.

Martin usually works with acrylics as his medium of choice.

Below we view an installation time lapse video of a large drawing measuring 5 feet by 4 feet he created at the George Washington Luther W. Brady by Martin:

The artist also helped shape many of Britain’s younger generation of artists including Damien Hirst.

We close by viewing a show featuring Martin that took place in 2014:

What a great use of color and text. A more modernist version of one of the masters of creating art with text, Robert Cottingham.