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Pierre Soulages is a French artist renown for his abstract paintings featuring the color black. Soulages is a painter, sculptor, and engraver.

Pierre Soulages was born in Rodez, Aveyron, France in the year 1919.

After serving in the military the artist opened up his own gallery. In addition to painting Soulages also worked as a theater and stage set designer.

Price range information: Etchings and lithographs can be found starting at $20,000. Soulages has broken the million euro mark with a personal auction record of a $1.2 million euros.

The artist was inspired by East Asian calligraphy to use the color black.

In this clip a brief we visit the studio of Pierre Soulages:

Soulages is associated with the Art Informel and Abstract Expressionist movements.

Below we visit the studio of the artist in the year 1981:

The artist is now based out of Paris and also a city in the south of France called Sète.

What a great abstract artist. Soulages shows us that great art can be made without using any color. My favorite works of the artist are the paintings that use black for 80% of the surface area, but also include a small amount of blue.