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Charline Von Heyl is a German abstract artist. Charline Von Heyl was born in Mainz, Germany in the year 1960. Her parents were a lawyer and psychologist.

Von Heyl also makes collages in addition to her paintings.

The artist is now based out of New York City and Marfa, Texas.

She is married to a fellow artist,  Christian Wool.

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Below a brief documentary on Charline Von Heyl by the Tate Museum:

The artist is a prolific print maker. In this clip we visit her in the print studio:

Von Heyl is about the process of painting, never making any preliminary studies or sketches. The artist just goes about her process of creating.

Charline Von Heyl’s work is a great example of abstract art. She does a great job at creating many organic shapes and often finds interesting color combinations to separate the different shapes.