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LaDamenRouge is a very humorous French street artist. LaDamenRouge was born in the year 1963.

In this clip we view a fantastic installation work by the artist about the death of world’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter!:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view one of my favorite styles of street art. The artist takes cracked and disturbed concrete as a foundation for many works of art. Very creative!:

The name LaDamenRouge represents a hobby of the artist. Taking black and white images and then adding spots of color later.

The artist is based out of Saint-Etienne, France.

LaDamenRouge is a hilarious street artist whose work can provide a great relief on stressed out day. My favorite funny street artist is the great Slinkachu. Read my post about him on my other website. Both artists do a great job at creating works that use their surrounding environments very creative ways.