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Combo is a street artist from France. Combo started off using spray paint but also creates magnificent wheat paste ups. Combo is known for taking iconic images and altering them slightly by inserting characters from current pop culture. An image with a U.S. President and another foreign head of state may be altered to show two Looney Tunes characters shaking hands.

Below a brief interview with the artist:

The artist is also known as the Culture Kidnapper.

Combo began making street and graffiti in 2003.

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In January of this year Combo was beaten by some youths after creating his version of the famous Coexist text. In this clip Combo is interviewed on the RT network explaining how this event came to be:


Combo has had a long career in the advertising and marketing world. His style grabs the viewers attention immediately.

Other political thoughts the artist has brought up in his work include the idea of homelessness and government censorship in China.

Combo is a great artist who shows us how humorous and funny street art can be!