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Eric Cahan is an American photographer renown for his work with the landscape that often takes place at sunset or sunrise. Cahan is a photographer and has recently started producing polyester resin sculptures.

Eric Cahan was born in New York, New York in the year 1970. Cahan attended New York University earning a B.A. degree.

The artist is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

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Below we view an exhibition featuring Eric Cahan that took place in 2015:

One of the artist’s passion is travel.

Cahan has been influenced by the Impressionistic style of painting. Cahan’s goal is to capture fleeting light.

The artist uses photoshop software for a minimal amount of influence in his art. The artist creates his abstract works by placing a color filter in front of his camera lens before shooting images. This gives him the opportunity to control color, such as very blue skies.

Cahan is a great Contemporary photographer with a great eye for graphic design and limited use of modern technology in his work. Cahan has also worked with the mediums of liquid glass and video. The artist is constantly learning!