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Dan Ericson is an American street and Pop artist renown for his imagery of rap and r and b icons painted directly on street signs.

The artist came up with the idea of painting on street signs when he was attending a junior college. He didn’t have time to go buy another canvas, so he looked around and saw a “No Parking” sign and he painted on that.

Ericson is based out of Denver, Colorado.

In this clip a brief interview with the Signtologist:

To find his disregarded signs the Ericson attends government auctions and also has formed relationships with the various cities around Denver, giving him access to an unlimited amount of street signs.

The artist is also known as “The Signtologist.”

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Below a link to the website of the artist:


Dan Ericson is a fantastic Contemporary artist with a great blend of basic geometric shaped surfaces (the signs), portraits that recall Andy Warhol, with the innovation and humor of a street artist.