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Thomas Molesworth was an American furniture designer famous for his work with the genre of the American West. Thomas Molesworth was born in Kansas in the year 1890.

Many works include horns from the wildlife of the region including deer, antelope, and elk.

Molesworth attended the Art Institute of Chicago.

Below we watch a chair made by Molesworth get appraised on the Antiques Roadshow:


The artist also served in the United States Marines Corps.

One key commission that helped the career of the artist was a contract to design the furniture and interior for a publishing magnate named Moses Annenberg who was building a ranch for himself. Molesworth made more than 200 works for this commission alone.

Other commissions for celebrities include President Dwight Eisenhower and the Rockefeller Ranch located in Wyoming.

Thomas Molesworth passed away in 1977.

In this clip we view a room designed after Molesworth at a luxury hotel:

Price range information: Sorry none available. Much of his work is already in museums.

What a unique style the artist created. A great blend of Western and Modernist Art.