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Vengai Chiwawa is a contemporary Shona artist renown for his imagery of women. His father was renown first generation artist Edward Chiwawa.

Vengai Chiwawa was born in Guruve, Zimbabwe in the year 1975.

Vengai Chiwawa was the official artist-in-residence at the Zim Art Gallery in 2014. In this clip a wonderful exhibition of his art:

The artist has given art instruction courses on how to sculpt in his style in Europe in the countries of Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

Chiwawa has a remarkable range of styles he employs. From realist based figurative work to his more abstracted figures, Chiwawa is one of the most promising contemporary Shona artists.

Its very interesting to see the patterns he creates in the forms of the hair and clothing.

Below a brief interview with the artist talking about his art work:

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