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John Zurier is an American painter working in an Abstract Expressionist style. John Zurier was born in Santa Monica, California in the year 1956.

Zurier tries to create texture and atmospheric effects on the surface of his painting surfaces by varying the way he applies the paint, and sometimes mixing pigments with animal glue.

Zurier attended the University of California at Berkeley earning a bachelors degree in landscape architecture. The artist went on to earn a masters degree in painting also from the University of California at Berkeley.

The artist has taught at the collegiate level at the California College of the Art.

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In this clip a brief interview with the artist from 2014:

The artist has been the recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship.

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Zurier is now based out of Oakland, California.

With his often monochrome or very limited palette, Zurier does a great job at creating an expressionist vision by varying the way paint is applied instead of adding more color.