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Hitnes is a contemporary street artist and illustrator from Italy. Hitnes was born in Rome, Italy in the year 1982. Hitnes often works with nature as his subject matter.

Below we view a wonderful work by Hitnes featuring creatures of the ocean:

In 2015 the artist traveled across the United States and painted murals of the birds he saw. Hitnes did this to honor the painter John James Audobon who did the same thing in the 1800s to create his famous book Birds of America.

After seeing an exhibition by Audobon, Hitnes had the idea to recreate the travels of Audobon and to paint the birds that he encountered. The name of this project is called The Image Hunter. In this clip the trip is discussed in further detail:

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Its great to see the art of John James Audobon inspired so many artists including myself. If you have the chance to see an exhibition of Audobons, its just amazing to see the exquisite detail found in the feathers of the birds or the small bugs he includes on flowers.

In this clip we watch as Hitnes completes a work in Rome in the summer of 2015. This series is painted on the walls of six large buildings:

Below a link to the website of the artist: