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Roadsworth is an internationally known illustrator and street artist from Canada. Roadsworth was born and raised in a middle class neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His mother was an artist and his dad enjoyed playing music, but his father wasn’t a professional. As a youngster Roadsworth thought he would be a musician and eventually attended the University of Montreal where he studied jazz performance.

Below we view some amazing and quite creative works by the artist:

Roadsworth’s government name is Peter Gibson.

The artist is now based out of Montreal, Canada.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


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The artist been spreading his art around the city of Montreal since 2001.

Roadsworth feels his artwork is best when it surprises or delights.

In this clip we view a large installation made by Roadsworth:

Roadsworth also loves to ride bicycles. Some of his street art has been used to help the public be more aware of bikers. Sometimes the artist has even painted bike lanes where there weren’t any!

What a great style the artist has created. My favorite works are his site specific installations.