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Jack Wright was an American artist renown for his abstract style. Jack Wright was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in the year 1919.

The artist attended the St. Paul School of Art where he was influenced by one of his favorite professors, the painter Cameron Booth.

The artist served in the Army during World War 2.

Wright’s artwork often is based on the dot and repeating this shape many times. The artist often worked with acrylics.

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Jack Wright passed away in 2003.

In this clip a short documentary on Jack Wright:

What a great use of the dot! Some works of his that are loosely based on circles remind me of the aster flower when its losing some of its shape in the wind.

Another artist who created wonderful abstract art using the dot in many works was the great Clyfford Still. Some of the Aboriginal artists from Australia such as Gloria Petyarre also use the dot as a basis for their art.