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Ella and Pitr are an amazing French street artist duo renown for working with the figure on a very large scale. The duo create wheat paste ups, murals, and collage art. The pair are known mostly for painting sleeping giants, but they also enjoy portraying birds, chairs, and children.

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Ella was born in the year 1984.

Pitr was born in the year 1981.

In this clip we view what is probably the largest street mural ever:

The duo work out of a studio located in Saint Etienne, France.

The duo find inspiration from the world of comic book art and graffiti art.

Below a short documentary on the artistic duo:

What a clever pair of artists! What I enjoy most about this duo is their use of perspective they employ in painting scenes meant to be scene from above the painting. The largest mural ever was meant to be seen as you fly over it en route to the airport.