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Marco Cianfanelli is a Contemporary sculptor from South Africa. Marco Cianfanelli was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 1970.

The artist attended college at the University of Witwatersrand located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cianfanelli studied painting, not sculpture.

When Cianfanelli began his career he was a painter of the landscape.

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Below we view a large work by Cianfanelli from a person’s eye level. Its great to see the amount of smaller abstract shapes that make up the figure:

The artist usually works with the figure.

Cianfanelli has taught drawing and design at the Parktown College for Vocational Education.

In this clip Marco Cianfanelli talks about a work he made to celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela:

Below a link to the artist’s website:


What a visual delight to view the work of this artist. The smaller abstract shapes are just as eye popping at the overall shape of the figures. A great blend of realism and abstraction.