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Takesada Matsutani is a contemporary Japanese Abstract artist. Takesada Matsutani was born in Osaka, Japan in the year 1937. Matsutani is a painter and printmaker.

The artist joined a Japanese group of premiere artists in the Gutai Group. This group favored expressionism by using modern and innovative ideas and mediums over the traditional more accepted styles of art.

Matsutani is renown for using vinyl wood glue in his artwork. The artist blows air into a puddle of vinyl wood glue which creates wonderful drips and air bubbles.

As an Abstract painter Matsutani stresses geometric shapes and bold color choices.

In this clip we view a retrospective of Takesada Mastutani:

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Below a fantastic interview with the artist:

What a creative artist. His works that incorporate vinyl wood glue remind me of the movement of lava lamps.