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Sanford Wurmfeld is a Contemporary Abstract painter. Sanford Ian Wurmfeld was born on December 6, 1942.

The artist studied at Dartmouth where he majored in art history. The artist had a brother that studied architecture and was living in Rome, Italy. After graduation Sanford rejoined his brother and relocated to Italy.

Wurmfeld is now based out of New York City.

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The artist often works with acrylics on medium to larger canvases with the shorter side being at least around 2 feet in length.

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Wurmfeld was inspired to paint by the Abstract Expressionists including Rothko and Franz Kline. Another inspiration was the artist Canaletto. In this clip Wurmfeld explains his admiration for Canaletto’s sense of design:

The artist was the chairman of the Art Department at Hunter College located in New York City. Wurmfeld held this position for 28 years.

Seeing these curved works on a computer screen is nice, but I hope to see his paintings done on a curved surface in person.

Wurmfeld also has an outstanding sense of color. To me his work includes the fields of Abstract Expressionism, the Color Field movement, and Op Art.