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Lucy Meeko was an outstanding Inuit sculptor. Lucy Meeko was born in the year 1929 near the city of Kuujjuarapik, Arctic Quebec, Canada.

Meeko learned to carve when an elder Inuit sculptor moved to her camp in the 1950s. She was excited to watch someone create and asked for a piece of soapstone to try carving herself.

Her first carving was of a seal and she sold it nearly as soon as it was finished.

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The artist also created wall hangings and occasionally baskets.

Meeko also participated and won some snow sculpture contests. Some with her husband named Noah Meeko.

Noah Meeko was born in the year 1928. He was from the Great Whale River region. The artist was a sculptor of animals and the arctic wildlife.

Lucy and her husband Noah both passed away in on November 27, 2004 from carbon monoxide poisoning. Below two great works by Noah Meeko.

Lucy Meeko started as a sculptor but was also an excellent printmaker. After attending some silk screen workshops she became a wonderful printmaker.