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Joel Ostlind is a fantastic self taught artist who paints in the Western genre of realism. Joel Ostlind was born in Casper, Wyoming in the year 1954. He also grew up in the area.

The artist attended Casper College before finishing a degree in soil science from the University of Wyoming at Cheyenne. Ostlind also attended Texas Christian University where he earned a degree in management of ranches.

Ostlind is a painter and printmaker often dealing with horses, birds, and mountains. My favorite prints of this artist are his birds. Ostlind makes great designs out of the feather shapes.

Ostlind enjoys the art of etching, and pulls his own prints. In this fantastic clip we catch a glimpse of the artist at work:

The artist began doing sketches whilst he was an actual ranch hand.

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What a knowledgeable artist! A true scholar and artist who never has stopped learning!