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Masaji Yoshida was a world renown Japanese woodblock print master artist. Masaji Yoshida was born in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan in the year 1917. Yoshida created abstract works and also fantastic landscapes. The artist was one of the founders of the Sosaku Hanga style of printmaking.

The artist attended the government school of the arts located in Ueno. After his collegiate career he was drafted into the Army. The artist was injured and spent nearly six months in the hospital.

His unit was later captured by enemy forces and Yoshida was detained close to 18 months. The artist did have the freedom to move about and draw. Yoshida would exchange these drawings for perks including food. When he found out he would not be able to return to Japan with his many drawings, he gave them away to the poor.

The artist taught print making at the middle school level after the war. Yoshida started out as an oil painter but fell in love with the process of printmaking.

Yoshida was one of the best pupils of Koshiro Onchi.

Masaji Yoshida passed away in 1971.

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Masaji Yoshida had a great sense of design. The artist also created a great variety of textures in his print works. Yoshida once said he was seeking serenity in his work. His abstract pieces are perfect examples of serenity as it applies to art with his mixes of grays.

Another interesting aspect is that Yoshida was one of few printmakers whose body of work includes works that could be classified as Op Art.