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Doctor Masumi Hayashi was an American photographer of the landscape. Masumi Hayashi was born in Rivers, Arizona in the year 1945. Hayashi’s used a photo collage style that involved taking many pictures of a certain location from different areas. She would then manipulate the photograph to give the viewer a panoramic view.

Some favorite subjects captured by the artist include sites of war, internment camps, and architecture. The artist was born at the end of World War 2 whilst her family was living in a Japanese- American internment camp.

Hayashi grew up in Watts, California. Her parents owned a retail store called the Village Market. Hayashi attended the University of California at Los Angeles before switching to Florida State University at Tallahassee where she earned B.F.A. and a M.F.A.

Hayashi taught the art of photography at Cleveland State University for nearly 3 decades.

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In this clip a great retrospective of the artist’:

The artist is part of the permanent collections of the International Center of Photography located in New York City and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Masumi Hayashi was murdered in 2006. She was living in Detroit, Michigan and complained about the loud music coming from a neighbors apartment. After hearing the complaints about his noisy music from Hayashi and another tenant, the man who was playing the loud music shot and killed Hayashi and another professional artist who was a sculptor, David Jackson.

What an interesting life story and sad death. I find some similarities in composition with Andreas Gursky and Masumi Hayashi. Both artists also used digital manipulation to give the viewer a real sense of contemporary art.