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NeSpoon is a Polish street artist renown for her paintings of lace and embroidery. The artist uses stencils and spray paint to create wonderful intricate painted lace designs.

On certain occasions NeSpoon uses traditional cloth lace to create an installation piece. These locations usually have something to do with patterns in nature such as the geometric design and Op Art feel of a cobweb.

Below a great documentary on the artist:

The artist is inspired by textile artists and tries to use local patterns and designs in whatever country she visits.

NeSpoon holds a deep respect for the patterns of lace. She explains that in lace we find symmetry and harmony, which is what we are all looking for in life.

The artist has chosen to use lace for subject matter because it has a feminine feel. The artist has traveled all over the globe, and each of these places women weave laces.

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What a great concept and medium! Lace is fun to look at and although I have been inspired by great textile art such as the mosaic houses of Lisbon, Portugal. It seems I have excluded the local weaving artists working with such incredible abstract but symmetrical results. I won’t overlook this type of art any longer!