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Carlo Battaglia was an Italian painter and printmaker renown for his paintings of the sea and ocean. Carlo Battaglia was born in Sardinia, a large island off the coast of Italy, in the year 1933.

Battaglia attended the Academy of Art located in Rome, Italy.

The artist was a participant in the Venice Biennial in 1970.

Carlo Battaglia passed away in 2005.

In this clip some great works by the artist:

Carlo Battaglia painted realist visions of the sea that showed his great skill at designing. Battaglia was great at breaking down waves into individual smaller organic shapes.

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The artist worked in oils, acrylics, pastels, egg tempera, and watercolors. He was also a printmaker.

Battaglia also had an extraordinary sense of color. As the viewer moves about the painting the lines of the water seem to move as if they were actually in motion.