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Viktor Schreckengost was an teacher, ceramic artist, painter, sculptor, and industrial designer who influenced many generations of design in the United States. Viktor Schreckengost was born in Sebring, Ohio in the year 1906. Many youngsters of the 20th century played with toys and bicycles that he designed.

The artist attended college at what is now called the Cleveland Art Institute. After graduation Schreckengost ended up teaching at the institution for more than 50 years. He specialized in industrial design and many students went on to very successful careers in automobile design, vacuum cleaner design, and also the toy industry.

Schreckengost served in the United States Navy. One job he had included designing prosthetic limbs for wounded soldiers.

The artist received a commission from Eleanor Roosevelt for a piece which was focused on New York City’s Cotton Club. The piece was titled “Jazz Bowl.”¬†

The artist discontinued his ceramics career after suffering back injuries in the 1950s.

Below a short documentary on the artist:

Viktor Schreckengost passed away in 2008 at the age of 101 years of age.

The artist was given the Medal of Honor, the highest honor an artist can receive from the government in the United States.

What a remarkable artist who was also a great teacher. This artist influenced so many lives in the 20th century. My favorite works of the artist are his Modernist leaning painted landscapes.