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Tabaimo is a Contemporary visual artist from Japan. Her government name is Ayako Tabata. Ayako Tabata was born in Hyogo, Japan in the year 1975.

Tabaimo attended the Kyoto School of Art and Design.

In this clip Tabaimo discusses an animated video piece she created about a dollhouse. This clip is from the PBS series about art in the 21st century, ART21:

One recurring theme in the artist’s work is that of isolation. She often creates characters that have been injured by extreme acts of violence.

Below a great piece by Tabaimo titled “Midnight Sea”:

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The artist has represented the country of Japan at the great Venice Biennial.

Tabaimo reminds me of British artist Julian Opie. Where as Opie has funneled most of his contemporary energy into the figure, Tabaimo has made the same mix of technology and art, but more in the traditional landscape setting with an emphasis on architecture.

Tabaimo has excellent drawing skills which are seen in her drawings of hands and architecture.