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Wim Delvoye is a fantastic Contemporary Conceptual artist who is renown for his Gothic architectural works made with laser cut steel. Wim Delvoye was born in Wervick, West Flanders, Belgium in the year 1965.

The artist wasn’t raised in a particular religion. The artist realized how powerful sculptures and art could be as he saw many people kneeling and praying in front of them. The region of West Flanders includes many buildings composed of Roman Catholic architectural style.

Delvoye uses the figure as a theme in much of work.

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In this clip we visit a show that featured the artist that took place in Brussels, Belgium. Its great to see one of his architectural works up close:

Delvoye is now based out of Brighton, United Kingdom.

One concept the artist explored that got the art world buzzing was that of food digestion. The artist created a machine called the Cloaca machine. This was an installation that featured a machine that wood eat food, then process it, and push out a feces. The artist would in turn sell the feces at his studio.

Below the Cloaca machine is shown in detail including pushing out a feces after eating. The art of digestion!:

Delvoye also has explored the art of tattooing pigs.

Wim Delvoye is a great example of a Contemporary Conceptual artist with outstanding drafting skills.