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Mr. Dheo is an internationally renown street artist working in a realist style. Mr. Dheo was born in Gaia, Portugal.

Below a great montage of works by Mr. Dheo:

The artist began experimenting and listening to hip hop in 1999. In 2000 Mr. Dheo made his first street art work. In 2001 he became very active and hasn’t stopped since!

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The artist enjoys the challenge of creating a realist work of art using spray cans as his medium of choice. He wasn’t very happy with his first piece, but thought he could get better with practice.

Mr. Dheo teamed up with the Seattle Sounders of the M.L.S. to create a soccer shoe featuring an American flag.

In this clip we watch as the artist creates a piece:

Over his 15 year street art career the artist has created works in more than 30 cities.

What a great artist who creates wonderful realist work despite the challenges of working with a spray paint. Its easy to see his improvement over the years.