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Glen Keane is an internationally renown animator and cartoonist who has worked with Walt Disney Animation on films including Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, and Tarzan. Glen Keane was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1954.

The artist attended college at the California Institute of the Arts. After leaving college he immediately got a job with Disney. His career with the company spanned 37 years.

Glen Keane was officially named a Disney legend in 2013.

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Keane is married with two children. One daughter named Claire carries on the family tradition and is herself a cartoonist and illustrator. Claire will be an upcoming post.

In this fun clip we watch Glen Keane draw in virtual reality:

The artist’s father was the creator of the comic strip The Family Circus. His name was Bil Keane. His father captured Glen’s personality in the comic strip using the character Billy.

Keane and his family lived in Paris, France whilst he did the drawings for the Tarzan movies. In this clip many drawings are shown including Tarzan:

Keane recently worked with the Paris Opera and the ballet dancer Marion Barbeau. The title of this short is “Nephtali”:

What a great artist! When I was a child Sunday was my favorite day to watch television. I looked forward to viewing the Wonderful World of Disney films and animation. Some of my favorite artists associated with Disney include Lorelay Bove, and Mary Blair.

With three generations of professional artists the Keane family has left us a great artistic dynasty.