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Paul “Moose” Curtis is a British street artist renown for his style of reverse graffiti. Instead of using paints and stencils the artist creates his work by removing dirt and grime from the crime scene.

Curtis is in his early 50s.

The artist attended college with Damien Hirst, the two shared living quarters. After art school Curtis joined a rock and roll band and went on tour helping to build stages.

The Moose is originally from Manchester, England.

The artist began using this process of cleaning dirty walls instead of using aerosol spray paint in the year 2000.

The artist is very successful as a commercial artist working with such international brands as the Xbox, Nissan automotive, and Smirnoff Vodka.

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In this clip some shots of the Moose at work!:

Curtis says he doesn’t have OCD, but is pretty close! He enjoys the process of cleaning. What an interesting style of art.