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Nelio is a street artist renown for his style of bold color and geometric shapes. Nelio was born in the country of France in the year 1982. Nelio is a painter and installation artist.

Nelio uses found scrap metal or wood to create his installations. For his street art the artist uses spray paint. For his installations and paintings he uses acrylics.

The artist began doing graffiti in the 1990’s.

Nelio is inspired by Modernist painters such as Robert Delauney, Joan Miro, and Victor Vasarely.

The artist also is inspired by street artists Eltono and Remed who are both French.

Nelio is based out of Lyons, France.

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What I enjoy most about Nelio is his approach to street art. The artist sees creating street art as a great alternative to advertising and boring grey walls.