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Kumi Sugai was an internationally acclaimed printmaker. Kumi Sugai was born in Kobe, Japan in the year 1916. His parents were both musicians.

The artist attended the Osaka School of Fine Arts. Sugai studied painting and calligraphy. Sugai left college before graduating and took a job as a designer working for a railroad company.

After World War 2 the artist moved to Paris, France.

Sugai tried his hand at many of the contemporary art movements of his time period including Pop Art, Minimalism, kinetic art, Abstract Expressionism, and ukiyo-o woodblock printmaking.

Kumi Sugai passed away in 1996.

Price range information: Prints range from $5,000 to $30,000. Over his career Sugai produced more than 400 prints!

What an interesting style of printmaking. With the bold color and geometric shapes this artist’s work reminds me of traffic signs and billboards. (The old school billboards, not the digital types!)