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Seher One is a street artist and illustrator from Mexico. Seher One was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Seher One enjoys reading in genres of horror and fantasy.

Seher One prefers to think of himself as an urban artist, rather than street artist. This is because his technique of creation involves more than just spray cans of paint. Seher One also uses markers and various sprays.

Most works of the artist take 3 or 4 days to create.

The artist’s government name is David Pinon Hernandez.

In this clip a brief interview and trip to the studio of Seher One:

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The artist often paints in acrylics.

Another great interview with the artist. This one is in Spanish with English subtitles:

What a great style. Seher One not only is a great artist, but he is also a great mentor helping to teach the next generation of street artists and modern illustrators.