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Eliyakota Samualie was an Inuit printmaker and sculptor. Eliyakota Samualie was born in a camp near Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territories, Canada in the year 1939.

The artist often portrayed birds. She is renown for using symmetry not usually seen in Inuit art.

Samualie never married, but adopted a child of her own. This happens frequently in the Inuit culture.

The artist first participated in the annual Cape Dorset print collection in 1970.

Eliyakota Samualie passed away in 1987.

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Eliyakota Samualie had a gift for composition and bold color. Her birds have a great lifelike feel to them as if the wings can’t wait to be in motion. All of her birds have a peacock like attitude, they can’t wait to show off their wonderful feathers!