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Naza is an internationally acclaimed painter from Brazil. Her official name is Maria Nazareth Maia Rufino McFarren.

Naza was born in Santa Cruz do Piaui, Brazil in the year 1955.

The artist started college ,but left early and began painting professionally in 1976. Naza took a job at bank but still kept painting and travelling more as her reputation for painting grew. On one of her travels she met her future husband. He was an American and they got married and moved to the States.

After separating from her husband, Naza moved to Barbados, then to North Carolina, before settling in Boca Raton, Florida.

Naza has now moved into designing clothes and other fashion items.

In this clip we learn more about Naza’s move into fashion design:

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Naza is quite an artist for her range of painting styles. She began as a portrait painter. She even painted the head of Panama, Manuel Noriega. Now as she moves more into fashion design she has become wonderful at finding more abstract shapes and designs.