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Maurizio Savini is an internationally collected artist renown for using bubble gum as his medium of choice. Maurizio Savini was born in Rome, Italy in the year 1962.

Savini studied architecture at the University of Rome.

Chewing gum made its way to Europe after World War 2. This non essential item became a staple just like Coca-Cola.

His first experiment using chewing wasn’t all good. The show was excellent and many pieces were sold. The high sugar content of the gum caused all of the pieces to fall apart. The art was returned to the gallery and the customers wanted their money back!

Savini now works with two assistants. The gum is heated using a blow dryer, not chewed, and then applied to a plaster mold.

Below a short documentary on the artist with many works shown:

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Using bubble gum as a medium is just a fantastic idea! Chewing is a wonderful ingredient in pop art, its highly integrated in most cultures in the world except for Singapore.