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Eamon Everall is a contemporary painter and sculptor, and part of the Stuckist group based out of England. The artist paints in what is called a Neo-Cubist style. Eamon Everall was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England in the year 1948.

The artist was highly educated at the collegiate level. He first attended the Folkstone School of Art, followed by the University of East London, and the Wimbledon School of Art. Everall also studied architecture at the Architecture Association School of Architecture.

Everall is now part of the teaching faculty at the Redbridge Institute located in London, England.Everall is based out of London.

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The artist works at a slow pace on his art. Some pieces have many layers and were painted over a period of years.

The Stuckist group, when it began, was to promote figure painting as opposed to concept art. Eamon Everall helped to create the group in 1999.

In this great clip Eamon Everall gives brief summary of his work and objectives of the Stuckist Group:

What a great style the artist has developed. I enjoy his unique compositions and explosive use of color.