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Ovni is a fantastic street artist renown for her abstract style. Ovni was born in Spain, but now resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The artist’s government name is Anna Taratiel.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Ovni has drawn painted since she was a child and always thought it would be cool to be an artist. She thought it would be great to have a fun job that wasn’t done just for the money.

Ovni burst onto the street art and graffiti scene in Barcelona when the genre was just beginning to generate excitement. Ovni created some murals that were appreciated not only by the viewing public, but her peers as well.

She was given offers to work on collaborations with experienced street artists which also led to working with world renown brands such as Nike.

Ovni likes to push shapes and color in her work.

Below a great interview with the artist:

I enjoy her works that have shapes that do not extend to the edges. These works have many shapes and colors, but are also balanced with much empty space. A great mix of movement and shapes, and nothing!