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Henry Speck was a fantastic First Nations artist who was among the first to produce and sell prints of his work. Henry Speck was born on Turnour Island in the year 1908.

Speck was made chief of his tribe after his father passed away. Speck represented the Kwakwaka’wakw people.

The artist was largely self taught. Speck worked in watercolors and gouache when he painted. He was also an avid carver.

Speck’s first solo exhibition was in 1964.

Henry Speck passed away in 1971.

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Henry Speck had a son, Henry Speck Jr., who is an active carver of the ceremonial First Nations headdress.

What I enjoy most about this artist was the way he strayed from the traditional colors of white, red, and black that many First Nation’s artists use. These added colors help to better portray the emotions of Speck’s characters.