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Lloyd Kiva New was a Native American artist, fashion designer, and a co-founder of the Institute of American Indian Arts located in Sante, Fe New Mexico.

Lloyd Kiva New was born in Fairland, Oklahoma in the year 1916. The artist represented the Cherokee Nation.

The artist attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he earned a bachelor and master degree in the arts.

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In this clip we view an exhibition of works on the life about Lloyd Kiva New:

The artist served in the Navy during World War 2.

Lloyd Kiva new was very successful as an apparel designer. The artist began his own clothing line which produced leather purses, belts, and hats. His clothing line expanded and the artist was able to work with other popular Native American artists.

One great example of his cooperative works are the leather purses. On many occasions Lloyd Kiva New would design the purse, and another artist would design the silver elements.

New sold many of his designs to the apparel company Neiman Marcus.

Lloyd Kiva New passed away in 2002.

Lloyd Kiva New was not only a great artist himself, but he helped other Native American artists on the road to success through his fashion empire. He helped to free many Native American artists. What a great legacy!