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Adelaide Robineau was an American ceramist and painter. In American ceramics two cultural icons exist, George Ohr and Adelaide Robineau.

Ohr was renown for very creative works and for using the local clay. Robineau came from the opposite end of the spectrum using very precise patterns and using porcelain as her medium of choice.

Adelaide Robineau was born in Middletown, Connecticut in the year 1855. She became interested in hand painting China, a major hobby in America at the time, after seeing an wonderful exhibition that took place in Philadelphia.

In this clip a look at the artist’s most famous work, the Scarab Vase made in 1911:

Robineau studied painting with famed American artist William Merritt Chase. She also studied ceramics with Charles Binns at Alfred University.

Price range information: Her work rarely appears on the public market and as a result prices are very high. Works range from $5,000 to $1,000,000.

What an incredible artist who was always looking to improve as an artist. Her glazes have a wonderful variety of texture with the end results showing very interesting patterns of color.