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Joaquin Clausell was a trained lawyer and Impressionist painter of landscapes. Joaquin Clausell was born in Campeche, Mexico in the year 1866. The artist went to private high school but his father passed away, and the artist not only went to school but took jobs to help out the family.

The road to becoming a lawyer was tough for the artist. Clausell earned his law degree in 1901. After earning his degree the artist found work as a journalist.

Clausell was also a political activist who once confronted a governor in public. Soon after this event he fled the country and moved to Paris, France.

Whilst in Paris he saw great art for the first time, and was inspired by artists Cicely and Pissaro. Clausell became an Impressionist painter. This was in the year 1903. Clausell began painting when he was in his mid- thirties.

The artist was respected among other artists of the time including Diego Rivera and Dr. Atl, but the general public was unaware of the artist.

Joaquin Clausell passed away after falling down an embankment. After falling down a landslide occurred, and the artist was killed.

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $250,000.

In this clip some more works by the artist: