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Mohammad Bozorgi is a contemporary calligraphy artist. Mohammad Bozorgi was born in Tehran, Iran in the year 1978.

Before turning to visual artist the artist worked as an engineer in the biomedical industry. In order to study the art of calligraphy Bozorgi attended the Society of Iranian Calligraphers.

Bozorgi maps out his work using precise measurements and keeping symmetry in mind. His work is a blend of his training of calligraphy and the innovative ideas from his engineering background.

In preparing his work the artist first prepares pencil sketches. He then does sketches with ink before painting the final piece. The artist works in large formats with some pieces taking up multiple panels.

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Bozorgi has a keen eye for design. His work is similar to a mandala design, but Bozorgi’s artwork has so much more movement. The artist is also able to generate a great feeling of depth in his work.