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Lourdes Villagomez is a contemporary painter from Mexico. Lourdes Villagomez was born in Mexico City, Mexico in the year 1984. Villagomez works as a painter, illustrator, printmaker, and street artist.

Villagomez had a great collegiate career beginning at the Iberoamerican University located in Mexico City. The artist went on to earn a degree from CATS College Cambridge. Villagomez went to earn a master’s degree in painting and drawing from the Academy Riaci located in Florence, Italy.

Below a quick trip to the studio of Lourdes Villagomez:

The artist often works in acrylics. Two main themes in her work are geometry, and the use of bright saturated color.

One recurring theme in her work catrinas, these are female skeletons.

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Below catch up with Lourdes Villagomez as an artist in residence:

What a great style Villagomez has created. Her female skeletons, also known as catrinas, have many great elements of great design including bold color and a mix of organic and geometric shapes.