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Alexis Diaz is a contemporary street artist and illustrator from Puerto Rico. Alexis Diaz often creates imagery with animals as his main subject. Diaz is a painter, muralist, and sculptor.

In many works the animal is created in black and white. The animal appears to be evolving and changing into something else.

In this clip we view a time lapse of Alexis Diaz creating some wonderful street art:

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To create his highly detailed works the artist uses a small brush and many many hours of patience! Diaz doesn’t use stencils, he creates his work freehand.

Diaz began to create street art in 2010.

Below a brief documentary showing many works of Alexis Diaz:


Alexis Diaz is a talented draftsman who creates awesome animals and is very adept at drawing the human hand. Another great street artist work checking out who also works with animals is ROA.