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Jean-Michel Frank was an internationally renown furniture and interior designer. Jean-Michel Frank was born in Paris, France in the year 1895. His father was a banker.

The artist began law school but did not finish due to his families emotional struggles. Two brothers were killed in battle during World War 1, and the artist’s father also took his own life.

Frank designed the 5th Avenue apartment of Nelson Rockefeller.

The artist flourished in the 1930’s.

Frank also worked for a company as an artistic director that was based out of Buenos Aires. The artist designed interiors of many of the upper class of Argentina.

In the year 1941, Jean- Michel Frank visited New York City. Frank took his own life by jumping from a window in Manhattan.

In this clip we view a unique table designed by the artist as it goes to auction:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Jean- Michel Frank was very innovative in his furniture design. What I enjoy most about his sense of design is what he does to the ordinarily boring shapes of table legs. Very impressed with his tables!