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Paul Evans was a sculptor and furniture designer renown for his chests, cabinets, and tables. Paul Evans was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania in the year 1931.

Evans attended the Philadelphia Textile Institute, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the School for American Craftsman located in Rochester, New York. The artist also attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art located in Detroit, Michigan. Evans studied silversmithing and sculpture.

Another key influence was his mentor, Phillip Powell. After Evans studied with his mentor, the two started their own design company. Powell did the majority of the work in wood, Evans did the majority of the work with metal.

Evans started his own showroom in New York City, but at the time the economy was getting weaker and he was forced to close the business and start his retirement.

Paul Evans passed away in 1987, it was the second day of his retirement.

Below a brief documentary on Paul Evans:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Evans had a great style of modernist design, this is apparent in his cityscape table series.