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Nasreen Mohamedi was a painter renown for her black and white imagery. Nasreen Mohamedi was born in Karachi, India in the year 1937. This area is now part of the country of Pakistan.

Mohamedi attended the Saint Martin’s School of Art located in London, England. She also studied in Paris, France at Monsieur Guillard’s Atelier.

Mohamedi was named part of the faculty at M.S. University located in Kihim, India. The artist served sixteen years at this position.

Below we view a retrospective of the artist given in 2016:

Price range information: The artist works in watercolor, ink, graphite, and acrylics. Prices range from $20,000 to $200,000.

Nasreen Mohamedi passed away in 1990.

Mohamedi was very innovative in taking the basic geometric shape and giving the line work fluidity and motion.