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Alberto Burri was a contemporary artist best known for experimenting with new mediums and new ideas of painting. Alberto Burri was born in Citta di Castello in the year 1915.

The artist attended medical school and was called to duty in World War 2 where he served as a doctor. Whilst stationed in Tunisia, Burri was captured and brought to serve in Texas as a prisoner of war.

Price range information: Works range from $25,000 to $1,000, 000.

One well received series Burri created was his “sacks” series. The artist created artwork on burlap sacks. He began doing this whilst being incarcerated as a prisoner of war.

In this clip Burri’s “sacks” series is talked about in detail:

After being released in 1946 the artist returned to Italy where he began to explore the style of abstraction and working with modern mediums including plastic and fabric.

Other unique mediums used by Burri included tar, burnt plastic, and cellotex. A board made of cane fiber.

Burri is associated with the Art Informale movement. This was a movement that began in Europe after World War 2 that specialized in art that used modern mediums and abstract painting styles. It was the precursor to the Abstract Expressionist movement in the United States.

Alberto Burri passed away in 1995.

The Art Informale group brought the art world many great new ideas about painting in general. Forget oil paints, this group was always experimenting about creating non objective art that was unlike anything seen before. I enjoy Burri’s works that incorporate burnt plastic. Many unique organic shapes are created.