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Joseph Ostraff is a contemporary abstract painter. Ostraff often creates stencils for the main shapes in his work, on occasion he has even used shapes from the Hello Kitty line.

Ostraff attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where he earned a b.f.a.. Ostroff went on to earn a m.f.a. from the University of Washington at Seattle.

The artist is based out of Fairview, Utah.

Ostraff married a botanist and then began adding plant and leave shapes to her work.

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I enjoy the modern shapes used by Ostraff for his stencils. The artist uses shapes found in pop culture subjects such as Hello Kitty!

Below a great interview with the artist talking about what he hopes to accomplish thru his art. We also visit the studio of the artist:


It was a nice insight to see how the artist uses so many different ways of applying paint including pouring and scraping.