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Elmgreen and Dragset are a contemporary art duo that has worked together since 1995. The duo explore current social  issues with a humorous twist. The team often create installations, sculptures, paintings, and photography.

Michael Elmgreen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 1961. Ingar Dragset was born in Trondheim, Norway in the year 1969.

The team is based out of Berlin, Germany.

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The duo also act as curators for many art exhibitions.

Below a link to the website of the duo:


In this clip from the Tate Museum the artist’s talk about their experience in the Venice Biennial:

One recent work by the duo in 2016 was a swimming pool that is titled Van Gogh’s Ear. The work was installed at the Rockefeller Center located in New York City. Below a great view of this sculpture:


The duo has created a unique style of Pop art. The team reminds me of another great art duo Gilbert and George. Gilbert and George often work with themes from the Victorian age.